iGame Pro Players´blog

Catarina Santos

I’m Catarina Santos, poker Player sponsored by iGame, from Santo Tirso, Portugal. I play poker since 2008, mostly tournments in the first years. Last year I decided to dedicate more time to poker and I suspended my activity as a lawyer and started to learn and play more cashgames.
I’m proud to represent iGame on Live tournments not only on Portuguese tournments but also abroad. I’ll use this blog to tell you some of my adventures on the poker world, and to talk about my poker thinkings, fellings and everyday poker life.

Joni Jouhkimainen

I’m just a regular 20-years old kid from Helsinki, who has been playing poker almost 5 years. The first two years mostly with my friends just for fun, but after turning 18, I started to travel around playing tournaments all over Europe and managed to have a few deep runs in those the very first live tournaments. Since that, my play and bankroll have been doing a huge roller coaster move every year. Now, I guess, I’ve learned from my past mistakes and for example bankroll management keeps getting better and better. In spring 2012 I signed a contract with iGame and here we are – as we can say; “life is good”…