iGame Open Prague & EPT Barcelona

August 31, 2012

Joni Jouhkimainen

Hi again!

It’s been while since I last time wrote a blogpost so now it’s time for that since it’s been awesome weeks for me pokerwise. First of all it’s time to open it up and tell you about iGame Open Prague which was held at the end of July at Hotel Corinthia.

Tournament was perfectly arranged I could say. 6-max was cool format to try since there haven’t been any of those I guess. 254 players got interested to this tournament and paid the buy-in of 1,300€, creating a big pot where winner was taking home 71,000€. I can tell you one thing… It was close for me.

In this 3-day tournament I managed to do lot of things right and got rewarded after 3 days of hard work. First big stage of this tourney was when we were down to 16 players and after few lucky double-ups I found myself as a chipleader of that final 4 having almost 60% of all the chips in play (remember this part, I’ll get back to his later on this post). I can’t remember any big pots from this Final to share with you but I remember I had chiplead all the way to Heads-UP where I got against this Bulgarian guy Slavi Kalov. He slowly took a chiplead from me and beat me up on that Heads-Up… still a bit disappointed. Winning 2 out of 3 tourneys while playin at team iGame wouldve just incredible. But 47k for this 2nd place is allright. can’t win them all…

After iGame Open I got back to home and just chilled out two weeks in Finland. After those weeks It was time to get back in business again. This time my favourite city in Europe: Barcelona & European Poker Tour. I was looking for that step for a long time coz since It’s always been one of the biggest ones in the tour and I like the city.

1082 players started this massive tournament which had 5300€ buyin. I tell this story of my tournament day by day…

day 1: Starting of with 30,000 in chips and going rollercoaster ride all day before the last hand of the day got it in AA vs A10o for 76k pot and managed to hold.

day2: Starting with 76,000 and this was propably the worst day of my tournament. Just sitting in there watching 83 off suited, J4 off suited etc and focused just to keep myself in there. In EPT:s the good thing is that they have 90min levels which gives you a chance to be just waiting for good hands for pretty long and finally at the end of day I got it in AQ vs AJ to double up and giving me stack of ~130k which was little less than average..

day3: Good day for me. After a bubble bursted and every 160 players still remaining ensured a payout of 8,500€ I climber my stack up to 200k and I remember when its was 99 players left my stack was 240k. Day 3 finally ended with ~50 players remaining and me having an average stack of 450k after I doubled trough my good friend by flush over flush.

day4: Plan was to play down to 3 tables which means 24 players. I made my way down there with a big coinflip 1010 against AK and bagged up 1,000,000 in chips which was around average. The feeling to be playing on EPT Barcelona day5 in 3 final tables was awesome… playing in front of TV-cameras was cool aswell. Looking forward to see that episode when it comes out.

day5: Road to final table. Pretty much same feeling than day 2. Just couldn’t get any hands and stack was going down and down. Players were busting and suddenly it was just 12 players remaining, 4 to go and we’re ready for day6 and a TV-FINAL. At this point I got my stack (which was down to 750k from to 1Million I started with) in against John Juanda big blind vs. small blind situation. I was drawing for 7% equity after a turn with my A8 against John’s AQ. Then the miracle river card… 8 of diamond fall down on the river to ensure me a highly needed double up. 1,5M stack was still one of the shortest stack but atleast I had some chips. That 1,5M was enought to make it to final8 and play at the FINAL TABLE. This was definately a dream come true already.

Final table: I started the final as a shortest stack and I was obviously mentally prepared to be first one to be busted since I had just 20 big blinds. Then my godrun suddenly started. First A7 vs JJ of Ilari Sahamies – won. Then flushdraw vs Set of some spanish guy – won. Suddenly I felt invincible. From the shortest stack to the chipleader during the first level of the FINAL. Just sick… no words to explain. Then after few bustouts we got this same point than in Prague. 4 left and I’m holding 70% of all the chips in play – Eyes on the trophy. And then It happened, I doubled shortstacks to average stacks and average stacks to bigger stacks. My godrun stopped and I got unlucky in 4 big pots. If I would’ve won any of those, I would have been in Heads UP for EPT title. Suddenly all went wrong and last coinflip was my 99’s against Ilari’s AJ. Ace on the flop and GG. 3rd place. hmh, kinda two way road. If someone would have gave me 3rd prize when I started final I would have been happy but after being so close to a win it’s obviously a bit dissappointing. Anyways, Im happy if u read all of this. Now just recovering from Barcelona for few more days and then off to Cannes.

Let’s hope that the big one is still to come!



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